5 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Often

Being a job seeker can be daunting sometimes and the pressure of finding a job when bills begin to stack up seems to be more than you can handle. The key is to not overwhelm yourself and try to stay as cool and collective as much as you can while job hunting.

Why do we say not to overwhelm yourself? We say this because when it is all said and done, what shall remain will remain whether you are here or gone. Yes, this is true. Bills will always be here as well as other things until the end time.

Here are 5 Mistakes That Job Seekers Make Often

  1. Applying for a job that has nothing to do with your skills or talent.
  2. Not following up after submitting a resume.
  3. Not having an alternative number on your resume and/or having a professional email when applying for jobs. (Who wants to see TeddiBear1224HugMe@whateveremail.com when you can use MrLKMulkin@whateveremail.com)
  4. Taking the first job offered to you by a temporary agency without asking questions.
  5. Believing that filling out 3 to 6 applications in the last 2 weeks was enough and you’re already throwing in the towel.


  • Not researching the companies that you are applying for.
  • Letting others decide what job is best for you.

If any one of these sound like you, just stop, think, assess your value and take control.

We know that seeking out a job can be time consuming but this is part of the process. This is one thing you can also do when applying for a job is to picture yourself as the employer when applying. Would you hire yourself, if not, why? What did the job description and requirements say? Do you possess those set of skills? These are just a few other things to take into consideration.

If you are in between jobs and you’re looking for something new, like we said prior, you must assess your value, make a list of your skills and talents and what you’re good at. Remember, these are your selling points. When you submit your resume or go into an interview you are selling yourself as a brand that a company wants to place you within.


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